The Night Before Pumpas!

So, Archie has just had his last Humalog 25 mix injection!  Tonight is the eve of the pump.  We have been practicing all week with set changes, cartridge fills, basal rates and bolus calculations, as well as carbohydrate counting every bit of food and drink consumed.  We’re all a bit nervous about the change, especially taking away the safety net of the long acting insulin (which reduces the risk of toxic ketones in the blood), but are hopeful that the new pump will provide more flexibility, fewer high and low blood glucose readings and generally a better quality of life for Archie.  For him the big incentive is 156 set changes (this is the cannula device that sits under the skin and allows the insulin to be delivered in small amounts continuously) versus roughly 1450 injections a year – it’s a no brainer!  9.30am tomorrow morning and the big switch over happens!  We then have 2 hourly blood testing for the next 48 hours and thankfully a brilliant Diabetic Specialist Nurse on call during that time.  So we now just have the nervous anticipation of what’s coming tomorrow – a bit like when Santa comes, only this gift is delivered by a little rectangular green pump instead of a round man in a red suit.  So Happy Pumpas Eve and hopefully a great day ahead tomorrow.

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