Pumped or Pooped?

Exhaustion is slowly consuming us all!  We have now had 2 nights of waking hourly and two hourly to check blood sugars.  Alarms have been set on mobiles as a reminder to get up and go and do the testing.  The first night was very organised and we did shifts.  Last night as tiredness overtook us all we agreed similar shift patterns but opposite times from the night before.  Unfortunately alarms were going off in sync and at 6am Cormac woke me to check it was 6am  – “yes it is 6am, yes it is your turn to test and yes I should be asleep!”  Of course the Archmeister slept through every test administered.  He’s also sleeping on a make shift bed this week as Grandma is here, so all these tests are being done on hands and knees in the dark – although cleverly, Cormac downloaded a torch app for his phone; unfortunately it didn’t help him when he needed to know if it was 6am?!

Apparently we’re doing well!  Rhonda and Julie have stepped up to the plate to look after us in the absence of our own DSN who was taken into hospital with suspected appendicitis on the day we started pumping – I’m sure it was just a coincidence!  Both nurses have been brilliant – guiding us through high blood sugars, corrections, temporary basal rates and changes to carb ratios.

Tonight Ballymena held it’s first Diabetes support group meeting which Archie and I went along to.  Guest speaker was Calvin Elfrin(Belfast Giants player) and he spoke very positively about being type 1 diabetic and a professional Ice Hockey player.  It’s great for Archie to identify with positive role models and see  that anything is possible.  Interestingly he said that the pump wasn’t for him; he had tried it, but found it needed too many changes over the course of a day to work with his sport.

We’ve had another set of high readings to manage tonight, but  we’re already thinking in pump language and it’s becoming easier to do corrections and temporary basal settings.  The night-shift planning looms – less onerous tonight with just 3 checks required at midnight, 3am and 6am.  We might get a decent nights sleep and at least partially recharge the batteries ready for pumping tomorrow.

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